Where it all began…

While gathering some items I need for the trip I came across the trench project I still have from my Grade 10 Canadian History class. Some might call me a hoarder (a few have, especially when it comes to books!), but I’ve always thought that keeping the project would come in handy some day as a teacher. Which is the same argument I use to justify the three boxes of school assignments and projects I’ve collected over the years – but that’s a story for another time!

I decided to write this post to share some photos of my project, as that class was the earliest I remember learning about the First World War and being so fascinated by it. I think the project was really beneficial for allowing us to gain a better sense of the trench system and what life might have been like at the Front. In about a week’s time, I’ll have a chance to see (reconstructed) trenches in real life!


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